Council Details

Clerk to the Council:
Maureen Leppard
39 Victoria Road
Folkestone, Kent
CT18 7LT
Tel: 01303 259564
Mobile: 07813704142

Mrs Gemma Greening … 
Mr Gordon Holliday … (Responsibilities; Planning Committee)
Mrs Cherry Leppard
Mr Christopher Norris … (Responsibilities; Vice-Chairman, Planning Committee)
Mr Keith Pilcher … (Responsibilities; Chairman, Planning Committee, Play Equipment Monitoring)
Mrs Julie Shaw … (Responsibilities; Neighbourhood Watch)
Mrs Jayne Stone … (Responsibilities; Village Hall Management, Planning Committee)
Mr Brian Tutt … (Responsibilities; Planning Committee, Highways)
Mr Tony Lake … (responsibilites; Planning Committee, Public Rights of Way, Capel Cares)

Link to Councillors’ Disclosable Pecuniary Interests

Community Warden:
Andrew Hawkins
Tel: No: 07811271303

Police Community Safety Officer:
Gretel May
Tel: No: 07966299006